Angela Ehrhard - Névroses[CPx16]

Angela Ehrhard - Névroses

Angela Ehrhard - Névroses[CPx16]

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Label ! a N G R r !
Year 2014
Format Boxset of postcards


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"It's about years that my ! a N G R r ! dreamed about editing a beautiful & senseful BOXSET of POSTCARDS.
• She cares of whole «curious nights fever (curated by MadameMacario)» artworks since few years...
• She also did all illustrations of the audio & visual «Ogadimma» ALBUM from Liverpool's collective a.P.A.t.T.
• And part of her «Névroses» postcards will illustrate the coming «Split•Serie Only•Vinyl Ten•Inch Maxi•Single» project with MELT-BANANA, SENYAWA, SECRET CHIEFS 3, CURSE OV DIALECT, FAUN FABLES etc.

With «Névroses» Angie opens doors to this debut volume under singular size with her selection of images, voyages, mirages... coloured turbulence, detailled neurosis...
This is a compilation of imaginative, illustrative, sensitive graphic/photographic/artistic landscapes & portraits, materialized between 2011 and 2013.
An extatic fantasy deep crazy beauty ! " (MadameMacario)


The post cards


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