Attentat Sonore - Turbulences[CD]

Attentat Sonore - Turbulences

Attentat Sonore - Turbulences[CD]

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Label Maloka, Zone Onze Rcds, Mass Prod, Keponteam
Année 2018
Format CD



30 years of existence. Attentat Sonore still plays in an angry anarcho-punk style, with english lyrics (most of the time).



  1. Back to BCN
  2. His name is Joe
  3. Chasseurs de vieux
  4. Fuel on fire
  5. Rust on your life
  6. Déjà mort
  7. Riot in Z-town
  8. Buy me a drink
  9. Faster than the F world
  10. Obsolescence programmée
  11. No Life 2.0
  12. Glue


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