Atterkop - Liber abaci[CD]

Atterkop - Liber abaci

Atterkop - Liber abaci[CD]

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Label Ronce rcds, Rebel time rcds, Riotska rcds, Pumpkin rcds
Année 2016
Format CD




"Atterkop are a Bristol based dub punk band drawing influence from the cream of ska-punk bands from early 2000’s (King Prawn, Capdown, Five Knuckle) and fusing this sound with a more politically aggressive sentiment." (Riotska)



  1. Introduction
  2. Every boy, every girl
  3. Trees will fall
  4. Safer spaces
  5. Break the sequence
  6. General practitionner
  7. Hope will float
  8. Forgotten, found
  9. Picket fence
  10. Red lines
  11. If we stop, we die



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Atterkop - Trees will fall

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