Bitpart - Beyond what's left (LP)[LP]

Bitpart - Beyond what\'s left (LP)

Bitpart - Beyond what's left (LP)[LP]

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Label Destructure
Year 2016
Format Vinyle 12" LP

Vinyle 12", paroles sur la pochette intérieure.




"Their powerful pop is enhanced with 90’s noisy and grungy rock influences, the combination of male female vocals is outstanding. BITPART is the perfect incarnation of what a trio should be : with its great playing and sound, each instrument’s is bringing the best to the band and making each song super effective." (Destructure)




Face A

  1. Where the heart is
  2. Real and close / Out of mind
  3. Girls
  4. I'll never get it (whatever)
  5. Easy to pretend
  6. Let me explain
  7. Drifting away

Face B

  1. Done with here
  2. Tiny box
  3. Your stupidest fantasy
  4. Pattern
  5. I don't want to fuck people over
  6. Friend


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