Coche Bomba - Vectores de la muerte[LP]

Coche Bomba - Vectores de la muerte

Coche Bomba - Vectores de la muerte[LP]

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Six years after the last studio session from Coche Bomba, the two fellas from Etoile Renoi & Raoul Prod. decided to unearth, remix and remaster the recording, to press it on vinyl and wrap it up in a beautiful double folded sleeve. A different way to say punk is not completely dead... At last its corpse's still moving...

Coche Bomba were five jerks from Lyon starting playing fast, violent and distorted Hardcore Punk at the beginning of the Nineties.
Not that they were ahead of their time, but their quirky sound, machine-gun drumming, odd tempo changes, were not that common by French standards back then... Instead of following trends or imitating bands, Coche Bomba rather developped its personal musical approach.
Lyrics, alternatively sung in French, English and Spanish dealt mostly with socio-political issues...
Despite being unappreciated and misunderstood in their early years, the band managed to gain recognition in the European H/C scene from the 90s.

After spewing out many different records gathered on the discography CD "5 years of trash guerilla", after a two-month tour in South America, and a farewell gig in October 2003 opening for Dropdead in Paris, here's finally their last, unreleased full-lenght album.
Recorded in 2002, "Vectores de la Muerte" has 26 furious and relentless songs delivered in less than 27 minutes...

While the world dies, here are its last cries of despair.