Extreme Cherokee[EP]

Extreme Cherokee

Extreme Cherokee[EP]

Quantity :
Label ! a N G R r !
Année 2006
Format Vinyl EP / 7" / 17cm

SP 7" (BLACK) 40gr. VINYL 33rpm
Originally edited in 2006 through the label = Giant Leeches Attack Records.


For more infos = http://www.aNGRry.propagande.org/What
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"9 metallic, sarcastic, hectic, sysmic blasts = Manowar VS. Slayer VS. An Albatross VS. Iron Maiden VS. entire earth = When «Heavy Metal» become brutal. When «HardCore» become medieval. When «Punk» become emmental = Sound is tough, powerfull, compact = An incredible, essential, improbable !
This is «Metal» as fuck, you punk !" (MadameMacario)



Face A
01 Introduction
02 Punk Floyd
03 March Of The Fire Plants
04 The Extreme Cherokee
05 I Live In Magic Solitude

Face B
06 Christmas Burzum
07 Warp Zone Heavytechnics
08 Tatgadatoutatoutatoum
09 Vegan Cannibal


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