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Haymarket - Friendly advice to the poor[CD]

Haymarket - Friendly advice to the poor

Haymarket - Friendly advice to the poor[CD]

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Label Maloka,Perce-Oreille, Mass Prod, Les nains aussi, General Strike, Workin man arm yourself
Year 2012



Haymarket is a french anarchopunk band. This album contains the lyrics (written in french for most of them) and a booklet with explanations in french and songs translations in english.


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Haymarket - En ce temps là (in this time)



- En ce temps là
- Yes we can
- Fuck your war
- L'horreur est humaine
- Rock'n roll Vs Subprimes
- Men sado in corpore maso
- Prospect and enslave
- Storytellers
- Muyaga
- Hire and Fire
- Home sweet home
- Ode to revolution
- Elle ne marche pas
- Revolution verte
- Rogue state of mind