IMPACT - Adios Compañeros[CD]

IMPACT - Adios Compañeros

IMPACT - Adios Compañeros[CD]

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Label ! a N G R r !
Year 1997
Format CD

Correleased between german labels = Revolution Inside und SUBURBIA



"Not to be confused with the italian band with the same name... These germans, originally from Bonn, draw a hard, unadorned PUNK METAL (with members of HAMMERHEAD)..." (MadameMacario)



01 Angelface
02 Plastic Park
03 Bacon And Beans
04 Death By Execution
05 Blast To Dust
06 Mezzo Mix
07 Illusion
08 Mixed Up In My Brain
09 Depression Head
10 Boot Hill
11 Pantel's Better World
12 Downfall