Des Ark - Loose Lips Sink Ships[LP]

Des Ark - Loose Lips Sink Ships

Des Ark - Loose Lips Sink Ships[LP]

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Label ! a N G R r !
Year 2005
Format Vinyle LP / 12" / 30cm

LP 12" (BLACK) 140gr. VINYL 33rpm
Originally released in 2005 by german label = THE COMPANY WITH THE GOLDEN ARM.


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"Really firsty thirsty full-lengh ALBUM from electric & acoustic polymorph adventures of AIMÉE ARGOTE { Tiny crazy shaggy insatiable & formidable wooman, exhausting casually severals guitarists & drummers since years ; Strolling her envy from solo to duo or trio... Following her mojo !).
For a debut try it's literally a sublime maestra-piece blow ; Overflowing tenderness ; Violenting sweetness ; A rare deaf lightness of heavy fleshliness sincerity full-contact beauty sounds from the guts.
On this record Aimée found the right complementary musician as TIM HERZOG { actual Godspeed You Black Emperor! and ex-Milemarker drummer } beating with hard delicacy & simplicity the tuneful ARGOTE's complex guitar & voices. And whole opus recorded by J Mascis { Dinosaur JR }." (MadameMacario)



Face A
01 It's A Hard World Sometimes For Little Things
02 Queen Of The Sketch Patrol
03 No More Fighting Cats, OK?
04 Yes Sir, Yes Way

Face B
05 Some Are Love
06 Jesus Loves You (But Yr Still Comin Home With Me Tonight)
07 Send Jolley To Raleigh
08 For Bob Rieke


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