LUCIO - Maçon, Anarchiste et Faussaire[Livre]

LUCIO - Maçon, Anarchiste et Faussaire

LUCIO - Maçon, Anarchiste et Faussaire[Livre]

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Label ! a N G R r !
Année 2000
Format Livre

BOOK of 250 pages.
Originally printed & edited by LES EDITIONS DU RAVIN BLEU.


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"SORRY ONLY FRENCH WRITING = A mason, who for at least three decades, muy discreto, went to work on the site every day, and in the evening, with the same stubborn patience, the same conviction as a free man, became a thief, robber, illegalist, one of the prodigious forgers of the post-war period, providing his Spanish Anar friends with papers and then all the libertarian groups..." (MadameMacario)


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