Meinhof - The dying light (LP)[LP]

Meinhof - The dying light (LP)

Meinhof - The dying light (LP)[LP]

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Label Deviance, NNNW
Year 2018
Format LP 12" / 33T


Vinyle 10 titres.
6ème album pour Meinhof groupe punk crust d-beat londonien avec chant féminin.

Artwork par Cold Mind.



"this album (6th by the band!), shows slightly different face of the trio. Anthemic d-beat sound with powerful female vocals is supported by more metallic sound." (NNNW)

"I always thought MEINHOF managed to produce their own, unique sound and style. It is punk, but it is MEINHOF punk. Not many bands have this style of writing songs and singing which is a nice combination of thrashy guitars and punk d-beats. This time there is more surprise in stock for us.
[...]Lyrically, MEINHOF remind us about the shitty world we all live in, full of corruption, media and church control and the fear of war.
" (Sanctus Propaganda)



Face A

  1. Into the void
  2. The worm
  3. Asteroid
  4. The demigod of war
  5. Fight and die

Face B

  1. The anarchist
  2. No hope no change
  3. Rush of blood
  4. The battle
  5. Rotten graves


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