Zoo - Prasasti[LP]

Zoo - Prasasti

Zoo - Prasasti[LP]

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Label ! a N G R r !
Year 2017
Format Vinyle LP / 12"

LP 12" (BLACK) 180gr. VINYL 45rpm

For more infos = http://www.aNGRry.propagande.org/What
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"Crazy fury coming from Indonesia, attractive madness! The original combo featuring RULLY SHABARA, the surrealist vocalist of SENYAWA. Those four wild animals are pioneers of the Indonesian noisy experiments (since 2005). They incite to the ethnic, sonic, hectic, dreamlike insanity ; in the tribal, vital, fatal, animal trance…
Quartet esthete ; hardcore Quartet : A stunning and vibrating discovery album.
The primal stone of ZOO concept…" (MadameMacario)



Face A

01 Kedo-Kedo
02 Manusia Baru
03 Plaba Umak
04 Pesta Memohon Hujan
05 Pemuja Hari

Face B

06 Pada Gunung
07 Kita Ini
08 Tanah Ibu
09 Natonto
10 Demi Kekal
11 Hymne Peradaban


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