PRINCE BUJU - We Are In The War[LP]

PRINCE BUJU - We Are In The War

PRINCE BUJU - We Are In The War[LP]

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Label ! a N G R r !
Year 2015
Format Vinyle LP / 12" / 30cm

LP 12" (BLACK) 160gr. VINYLE 33rpm
Originally edited by dutch labels Makkum & Red Wig


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"PRINCE BUJU is part of a vibrant KOLOGO scene in Accra based around KING AYISOBA’s bar in North Kanishie (a neighbourhood in Accra). Here many KOLOGO players gather in the end of the afternoon and often they play music for each other, visitors and friends until midnight...." (MadameMacario)



Face A

01 Afashee
02 In The War
03 Genego Abem (Tengan Yo-Re)
04 I Am Accused (Nazareth)
05 Lawona Foo (Teba Tola De La-Ra)

Face B

06 Bongo Sa-Abodaana (Aposarega Buekengo)
07 Poore Tolege
08 Abiire Bongo Akambo-Se
09 Assala Bo-Lom


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