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Les Ramoneurs de Menhirs - Amzer an dispac'h ![CD]

Les Ramoneurs de Menhirs - Amzer an dispac\'h !

Les Ramoneurs de Menhirs - Amzer an dispac'h ![CD]


Les Ramoneurs de menhirs is a Breton celtic punk group formed in 2006. Its members include Éric Gorce on the bombardon, Richard Bévillon on the bagpipes, the traditional vannetais singer Maurice Jouanno and Loran, guitarist from the group Bérurier Noir. They play concerts at fest noz as well as normal rock concerts. Most of their songs are sung in Breton.
The group formed in 2006 after Bévillon and Gorce invited Louise Ébrel, Maurice Jouanno and the ex-Bérurier Noir Loran on their album of traditional Breton music Kerne Izel, released on Coop Breizh[1]. Their first album, Dañs an Diaoul (The Dance of the devil) was released in 2006 by the former label of Bérurier Noir, Folklore de la zone mondiale. The singer Louise Ébrel, daughter of Eugénie Goadec, a famous traditional Breton musician, guests on several songs on the album.
Les Ramoneurs de menhirs participated at the Festival Interceltique de Lorient in 2007[2], having performed outside the official programme. They also played at the BetiZFest. From January 2008, they went on tour in Europe (Scotland, France, Switzerland). During their tour in Scotland, they supported the Scottish celtic punk group Oi Polloi along with Na Gathan[3]. In April 2008, the group won the category "Musical Group" at the competition Kan Ar Bobl.

Three years have gone by and the Breton band has come back with their sophomore release, "Amzer an dispac'h". Ok, you are wondering if it is better than "Dans an Diaoul". What can I say? Which album do you prefer, "Ramones" or "Leave Home"? The album is awesome, Loran's guitar and the traditional singing and traditional instruments are as good as one could expect. And there are plenty of guests too.

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