Sabot - Once Upon A Mind[CD]

Sabot - Once Upon A Mind

Sabot - Once Upon A Mind[CD]

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Label Cesta
Year 2001
Format CD Popup

Edited through their own label = CESTA.



"Special CD packaging within a mini-BOOK panel 3D POP-UP !
6th ALBUM of this american true-non-couple who found home in Czech Republic since 1993.
A new intrigated & passionated BOOK-CD object for your ears & eyes.
Rhythmic and melodic dialogues as unique and epic as only SABOT have the secret !" (MadameMacario)



01 Forever And A Day And AHalf
02 Road Rage
03 Quit Your Job
04 Win It All
05 And Then There Was Loot
06 Killing Time
07 C'mon Bebe
08 Turd In The Mail


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