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Secret Chiefs 3 - First Grand Constitution and Bylaws[2xLP]

Secret Chiefs 3 - First Grand Constitution and Bylaws

Secret Chiefs 3 - First Grand Constitution and Bylaws[2xLP]

Label ! a N G R r !
Year 2011 (première édition 1996)
Format Vinyle 2xLP / 12"

DOUBLE LP 12" (BLACK) 180gr. VINYLS 33rpm
For the very first time edited in vinyl version. Originally released on CD in 1996 through AMARILLO label.
Licensed from the label of Trey Spruance : WEB OF MIMICRY.

For more infos = http://www.aNGRry.propagande.org/What
# To receive the DIGITAL FILES with your order, please write to MadameMacario@free.fr


"Debut album of SC3 ; Basically MR BUNGLE without Mike Patton ; Just after their early appearance as «SECRET CHIEFS TRIO» on B-side of bonus 7" in MR BUNGLE's chef-d'œuvre «Disco Volante»..." (MadameMacario)



LP 1

01 Ana'l Raqq
02 Adept Chamber of the Magian Tavern-Altar to the Master Chief
03 Inn of 3 Doors
04 Breeze of Dawn, Death's Angel
05 Assassin's Blade
06 Bare-faced Bazi
07 Crossroads through Crosshairs
08 Borderland
09 Borderland-2
10 Killing of Kings
11 Celestial Ship of the Corsairs
12 Emir of the bees
13 Pointed and Weighty Arguments
14 Zulkifar

LP 2

01 The Qa'im Deliberates
02 Drunk at the Gates
03 Resurrection Day Soundtrack: Hot Pursuit in Eagles' Nest
04 From Night the Morning Draught of Wine
05 Crosswinds
06 Borderland-3
07 White As They Come
08 Legendary Paper Project


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