ARD - Sindrome do Emputecimento Progressivo[CD]

ARD - Sindrome do Emputecimento Progressivo

ARD - Sindrome do Emputecimento Progressivo[CD]

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ARD was founded in the fall of 1984 in the satellite city of Gama (outside of Brasília, in the state of Distrito Federal, Brazil). Their first recording was the 1986 split LP Ataque as Hordas do Poder, which they shared with B-sbh, a punk band from Brasília. ARD was known then by their original name of Stuhlzäpchen von N, or “Nuclear Supository” in German. This record was the first of any rock (hardcore)band from the Central West region of Brazil. After this pressing, the band changed their name to the more “user-friendly” ARD (After Radioactive Destruction).

In 1988 the band returned to the studio to record the LP Causas para Alarme, which received high praise in hardcore and niche media.

In 1993, with a new formation, ARD recorded the 4-song 7” EP entitled My Brazil: Better 4 Than Nothing”, praised by the American underground ‘zine Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll, considered the bible of the worldwide underground scene. This critical success demonstrated ARD’s international acceptance.

None other than Jello Biafra, ex-vocalist of the legendary Dead Kennedys, shared his enthusiasm for ARD in a personal letter mailed to the band.

ARD’s listeners have noted that the group sings in English, Portuguese, Spanish and German – a practice of the band’s since their earliest days. The themes of their lyrics include defense of the environment, protests against war, and socio-political problems – issues confronting peoples of all countries and all languages.

This CD is a new album with 12 songs never before released, plus a re-recording of the 1998 composition “Terremoto”. Recorded and mixed in Brasília, features the participation of Rodrigão (ex-Pus) and Felipe CDC (Terror Revolucionário and Death Slam).