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Jah On Slide - Never Knocked Out (LP)[LP]

Jah On Slide - Never Knocked Out (LP)

Jah On Slide - Never Knocked Out (LP)[LP]

Label Casual Rcds
Année 2015


Two tone ska from Paris.



"Jah On Slide from Paris, France, operate in good 2Tone tradition mixing bouncing tunes with political messages. [...] Their fourth album, the first after a few years of silence, is a great trigger for more exposure. The sound on „Never Knocked Out“ is dominated by a fantastic lead guitar, raw organ licks, loads of fun choir singing and shouting, warm and lush horn riffs. Lots of melodic and rhythmic styles are being used in the songs.]" (Reggae Steady Ska)




Face A

  1. Hey You Lover
  2. Wake Up Rude Boy
  3. King To Me
  4. 99 (Ninety Nine)
  5. Life Is Introspection

Face B

  1. Don't Mess Around Dude feat. Dr. Ring Ding
  2. Prechi Precha
  3. This Is The Revolution Sound
  4. Mouloud
  5. Everybody Dance The Ska


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Jah On Slide - Don't mess around deude (feat Dr Ring Ding)