Split Arrach / Suppose it's war[LP]

Split Arrach / Suppose it\'s war

Split Arrach / Suppose it's war[LP]

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Label Ronce Rcds, Trauma Social, FFC prod, 8eme avenue, Mass Prod, Zone Alternative
Year 2016
Format Vinyle LP, 12"




6 titres pour Arrach, punk HxC from Toulouse et 5 titres pour Suppose It's War, punk trash from Breizh.



Face Arrach

  1. Crust
  2. Rotten frame
  3. My friend
  4. Sweden fist
  5. Sea shepperd
  6. Born dead

Face Suppose it's war

  1. Destroy them all
  2. All out war
  3. This is hell
  4. The weight of the world
  5. Grind all the fuckers down