Stanley Kubi - Music By[LP]

Stanley Kubi - Music By

Stanley Kubi - Music By[LP]

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Label ! a N G R r !
Year 2007
Format Vinyl LP 12"/30cm


LP 12" (BLACK) 140gr. VINYL 33rpm


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"Debut & unique ALBUM of STANLEY KUBI. Co-released with friendly german label, TCWTGA.
Some people said : «Think MR BUNGLE jamming with NOMEANSNO at the CARDIACS rehearsal room and hoping it sounds like GOGOL BORDELLO», oh no !
Fuck references, enjoy music!
Around the «Barry Lyndon» Stanley Kubrick's movie picture.
Graphic & photographic stealworks by TRAX." (MadameMacario)



Face A

01 My Toast to You
02 I Beg Your Pardon?
03 Gentlemen, Cock Your Pistols!
04 He Loves as a Bird Sings... And a Rose Blows From Nature
05 Wine or Punch,  My Lord?
06 Women of Ireland
07 I'm not Dead

Face B

08 Big Boys Don't Sleep With the Candles Lit
09 Add Jealousy
10 Poor,  Lonely and Childless
11 Resist the Invaders
12 Fortune & Condition (In E Flat)
13 Resurrection


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