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Label ! a N G R r !
Year 2014
Format Vinyle LP / 12" / 30cm

LP 12" (BLACK) 180gr. VINYL 33rpm
Originally edited by french label Silène..


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"Singer, author of hundreds of songs if not thousands, columnist and novelist, Woody Guthrie wandered through the "Great Depression" in U.S.A, guitar slung over his shoulder, voicing the underprivileged social classes. Idol and inspirer of the Beat Generation and Bob Dylan, he is the incarnation of Protest-Song and American folk… This album is a tribute / free journey initiated by Seb Martel (unclassifiable musician who likes to improvise, arrange, listen , support, accompany. He switches with pleasure from song to theater and dance to rockn'roll in less time than it takes to listen to it) in the company of David Taieb (bass - electronic) and Dorothée Munyaneza (song - dance)..." (MadameMacario)



Side A
01 Train #1
02 End Of My Line
03 Pastures Of Plenty
04 Union Burying Ground
05 Hobos' Lullaby
06 Train #2
Side B

07 Buffalo Skinners
08 Machine Man
09 We Welcome To Heaven
10 I Just Want To Sing Your Name
11 This Land Is Your Land
12 Train #3


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