Tear Of A Doll[CD]

Tear Of A Doll

Tear Of A Doll[CD]

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Label ! a N G R r !
Year 2010
Format CD cristal box


Co-released in 1996 by their own label, DODOLL and PANDEMONIUM.



For more infos = http://www.aNGRry.propagande.org/What
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"Debut & unique full-lengh ALBUM (73 minutes) from this french pioneer collective of experimental—traditional ; electric—acoustic ; fusion—ebullition. Definitive recording of a selection of 17 compositions from 1988 to 1996.
I love this Compact Disc ! Avant-garde of the avant-garde.
Another amazing unknown creation from an amazing unknown band of amazing unknown people...
Buy it or cry it !" (MadameMacario)



01 Die Macht
02 Watashi Wa Dare ?
03 Tulitikku Tehtaan Tyttö (La Fille Aux Allumettes)
04 Les Villes
05 Til' The Bird Is Reduced To A Thin Sheet Of Feathers And Bones
06 Spider's Night
07 Kerûletem
08 Shiro-Kuro
09 L'Idiot
10 La Poupée
11 My Cat
12 Hardtimes
13 Le Creux Cinique Du Larfeuille
14 Prise De Têtes Au Nagaland
15 Your Horse ? White Subway
16 Radio Captor Amp
17 Pourquoi Viens-Tu Si Tard ?

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