JAM JAR - Teknikolor Yawn[CD]

JAM JAR - Teknikolor Yawn

JAM JAR - Teknikolor Yawn[CD]

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Label ! a N G R r !
Year 1992
Format CD

Originally edited on dutch label Konkurrel


For more infos = http://www.aNGRry.propagande.org/What


"Argh I did my best to find info (on the net) on this dutch group without any success... All I can say is that this is their one & only album signed on the KONKURREL label (NoMeansNo, Victims Family, etc.) and that it is super “jazz-core”, technically impressive and performed with mastery. It only lasts 20 minutes, it's quick and it's like a slap, so don't blush and enjoy..." (MadameMacario)



01 Wash' N' Go
02 Confused
03 Blije Bijen Bloes
04 Desert
05 Mama
06 Friend
07 God
08 Click Bang