Zea - Today I Forgot To Complain[LP]

Zea - Today I Forgot To Complain

Zea - Today I Forgot To Complain[LP]

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Label ! a N G R r !
Year 2003
Format Vinyl LP 12" / 30cm


LP 12" (BLACK) 140gr. VINYL 33rpm
Released in 2003 by german label = THE COMPANY WITH THE GOLDEN ARM.



"Amazing surprise for this debut ALBUM, melting crank electro dance grooves with weird sweet pop punk chansons, just browse & enjoy !" (MadameMacario)



Face A
01 Counting Backwards Leads To Explosions
02 An Experience Of Trouble
03 Flying Objects Will Reach You Soon
04 They Grew Up Weird
05 Pan-Koe
06 That's Typically Them
07 Press Start To Continue

Face B
08 Of Course It Hurts, It Always Does
09 He's Passed
10 No Pictures, Memory Only
11 Kiss Kiss Revolution
12 All Is Falling In Parts
13 Mountain Every Minute
14 You Fantastic!
15 Kinopunch