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Union Thugs - Folklore ouvrier[CD+Fanzine]

Union Thugs - Folklore ouvrier

Union Thugs - Folklore ouvrier[CD+Fanzine]

Label Rudy's back, fire and flames, Machette
Year 2020
Format CD + fanzine

Union Thugs (Revolutionary Oi and Folk Montréal): Folklore ouvrier , un mini album en CD avec un "fanzine" qui explique l'idée de cet album et chaque chanson qui est une reprise/ interprétation avec les textes en français et en anglais.



" A second release for the Thugs! This time, 6 songs including War on the Workers, Les piqueteuses de la gloire, Partisan, Union Maid, La complainte des ouvriers and The Preamble of SITT-IWW with banjo accompaniment.

This worker’s folklore album is part of our continued effort to develop a revolutionary working culture. Though modern popular songs have been omitted from our selection this time in favour of certain classics like Union Maid and Partisan, you will still find yourself in this mix of folk and punk-rock ready to wake up the striker in you!

This short album we dedicate to strikers and those locked out, grassroots activists, militants and delegates, professional shit-disturbers, and to everyone for whom taking it laying down has never been an option!
  " (The band)



  1. War on the workers
  2. Les piqueteuses de la gloire
  3. Partisan
  4. Union Maid
  5. La complainte des ouvriers
  6. Preambule to the IWW Constitution


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