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Youth avoiders - st (LP)[LP]

Youth avoiders - st (LP)

Youth avoiders - st (LP)[LP]

Label Build me a bomb, Destructure
Year 2013




"[...]Youth Avoiders are from Paris, France; well, all except one of them, who is from Germany, so for all intent and purposes it's okay to refer to Youth Avoiders as a French group. They make a highly desirable racket courtesy of the instruments and voices at their disposal and should be complemented on those efforts. [...]There are a number of identifiable record labels that spring to mind when listening to Youth Avoiders, such as Sorry State, Dirtnap and Grave Mistake. This is frantic, trebly, guitar-based music that relies on a sense of chaos blended with just a hint of melody to create an irresistible punk rock sound. Think unequal measures of Royal Headache, Low Culture and the Shirks and that's sort of how Youth Avoiders come across (and give it a working title of Royal Culture Shirks!).[...]" (PunkNews)



face A

  1. Cold Mines     
  2. Grit Your Teeth     
  3. Long Chains     
  4. Wild Ones     
  5. Casting Lots     
  6. Affliction  

face B  

  1. Snake Charmer     
  2. Vows And Vultures     
  3. Smoked Glass     
  4. Control     
  5. Oil Slick


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